January 4, 2019 7:59 am

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Construction on the Ntshongweni Urban Development will commence early this year, effectively creating a brand-new community much like the successful uMhlanga Precinct. A pinnacle place-making project, this new development from Tongaat Hulett is the next logical urban precinct expected to unlock socio-economic transformation for the highway area and surrounds. Environmentally sustainable, people-centric and strategically located on the N3, this development will become a new destination for KwaZulu-Natal.

With Ntshongweni comes the creation of compelling and tailored real estate solutions for developers, investors, future residents and end users. The retail offering forms the heart of the town centre, evoking a unique lifestyle destination that seamlessly links indoor and outdoor spaces. Phase One will be followed by a variety of other uses including residential, logistics, recreational, warehousing and leisure components. Deighton comments: ‘This is a solution for many people living in this area where access to urban services and amenities is limited and expensive.’

Mall of the West
Mall of the West
Mall of the West

The Mall of the West will give residents and visitors a valuable retail and entertainment facility with an emphasis on lifestyle-enhancing elements. In keeping with the rest of the development in phases to come, its architectural aesthetic will use connected spaces that create a positive and symbiotic relationship between the built and natural environments. Nicola Muir, spokesperson for mall developers Fundamentum Asset Managers, says: ‘The mall will be at the forefront of building a whole new town to the west of Durban. Development is expected to proceed in late 2019, with completion expected in early 2022.’

Ntshongweni’s prime location on the N3, which links Durban to the economic heartland of Gauteng and the Free State, will bring substantial economic benefits, especially from the logistics sector. Deighton says: ‘Linking into this important strategic corridor, the people-centred Ntshongweni Urban Development will create a benchmark for the way in which new, integrated, inclusive South African urban precincts are developed. From urban planning through to the residential, retail, commercial, recreational, logistics and light industrial activities, the mixed uses of this area are vast.’

While the development will supply a new destination for underserviced communities, it will also play its part in the active economic transformation. It’s estimated that Phase One will create 19,000 temporary construction jobs, while the entire development is expected to generate 400,000 temporary construction jobs during the 15- to 20-year construction period. On completion, it’s expected to generate a further 35,000 permanent jobs, R700 million in rates revenue for eThekwini Municipality, and R5.1 billion in annual tax revenue. Deighton says: ‘Ntshongweni’s potential to unlock access to employment opportunities, urban services and amenities will significantly enhance the quality of life for many people living in these areas.’

Mall of the West

While it has enormous economic benefits, Ntshongweni will also echo the idyllic country lifestyle the area offers, with approximately 1,000 hectares of open space allocated for passive and active recreational use. Deighton says: ‘The outer west is well known for its outdoor pastimes, with a strong horse-riding, trail-running and cycling community already enjoying the surrounds. We aim to elevate and enhance these activities for established and new communities to access and enjoy.’

Capitalising on the area’s beauty, the development will bring much-welcomed progress while providing a turnkey solution for socio-economic transformation. Deighton concludes: ‘New destinations like Ntshongweni, which facilitate inclusive and integrated urbanisation that uplifts communities and preserves the environment’s integrity, go a long way in changing the country’s socio-economic landscape. Just months away from breaking ground, we look forward to working with our communities and partners in bringing this bold vision to fruition.’

Mall of the West
Mall of the West

About Tongaat Hulett

Tongaat Hulett is agriculture and agri-processing business focusing on the complementary feedstocks of sugar cane and maize. Its ongoing activities in agriculture have resulted in the company having a substantial land portfolio within the primary growth corridors of KwaZulu-Natal, with strong policy support for conversion at the appropriate time.

A core element of Tongaat Hulett‘s strategic vision is to maximise the value generated from the conversion of land in the portfolio by responding to key demand drivers and identifying its optimal end use for all stakeholders.

Through its sugar and starch operations, Tongaat Hulett produces a range of refined carbohydrate products from sugar cane and maize, with a number of products being interchangeable. Global sweetener markets continue to be dynamic, and the business seeks to optimise its various market positions, leveraging off its current base to maximise revenue from these products. Tongaat Hulett continues to focus on value creation for all stakeholders through an all-inclusive approach to growth and development and regards its constructive interfaces with governments and society to be of significant importance.